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Google is always trying its best to provide their user with the best facilities ever. If you don't know yet allow me to inform you, Google does check the malware activities of your website. So, if you want to climb on top of the pyramid, make sure you are providing the best. Your website must be absolutely safe to make its own remarkable place on SERP.

The Internet has become a basic necessity for everyone's life. Almost for every problem, people are looking for SERP to get their answers. Thus, it's necessary for both the users and the website owners to mind about internet security.

The presence of malware will not only affect the website owners to generate traffic but also the computer itself. Your personal details like your bank details, credit card details might be leaked into oblivion and you may eventually lose control over your devices.


What is malware?          


Simply malware is not just ordinary software. It is malicious software, specially coded for the purpose of infecting your computer in various ways. It will invade your computer in disguise. It might destroy data, steal all your vulnerable information, even personal information by keeping the owner in dark.

Viruses can be of different kinds. The most common sign to determine your device is infected is when your PC is functioning slowly. There are many ways for malware to intrude into your computer. The most common way is whenever you are downloading any file. Malware may enter your device followed by the link. Be careful about what to download and from where to. Avoid all kinds of phishing websites to provide your information. You can rest assured Google does crawl all those sites and take appropriate actions.

When a website is contaminated with malware, it brings significant changes to that site either in appearances or introduces additional files which may affect checking the necessary data of that site

From that point forward, comes the ones covered up in commercials can't be downloaded except if you snap and attempt to play them. A large portion of the users gets influenced by this sort of infection, where a user subsequent to opening the promotion gets diverted to another page, where a programmed download starts which is either an EXE document two or three codes in clump.


What is a Google malware checker?


Well, this problem can be detected easily by using the Google malware checker presented by LittleSEOTools. Google malware checker will help you identify the infected part of your website. It will inform you whether your site is safe or not. Remember Google always gives priority to users friendly websites.


How does the Google malware checker works?


Here, this Google malware checker is absolutely free. It will cost you absolutely zero pennies to detect the presence of any malware present on your website. All it takes is the website address; either you can directly type the URL or copy and then paste the link in the empty box provided as well. Enter the "Submit" button below the box.

Instantly another window will pop up, don't let it scare you out of that. The Google malware checker will redirect you to the safe browsing analytical page of Google. The Google transparency report will provide you the status of your site whether it's safe or not along with the site info and also you can see the overview by time.


Benefits of using Google malware checker


Secure your website: As a website, Owner, or even as a user what you most need is to have a secure website. Hacking is quite popular in this world of the internet. It is necessary to keep yourself safe from hackers. These days many sites are infected with malware, using this strategy hackers get access to your device to steal all your necessary information.

Free from viruses: This 100% free Google malware checker of our LittleSEOTools will allow you to know if your site is safe. It will provide you information on segments containing malware. 

To rank on SERP: Google won't allow ranking any malicious website on SERP. Google malware checker will analyze your website, with the help of that information you can push your website to rank on Google's first result page.

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