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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker Tool / Plagiarism Checker Software


Plagiarism is an act of thefting. It goes against moral ethics. Without any doubt, plagiarism is an act of infringement as one will be claiming others as their own. Basically, the contents are often copied from the sources like books, from others web pages, from other people's blogs, Wikipedia. Even if the sources are from offline, it is plagiarized.

The rightful owner has every possible right to sue you. Starting from the students to professors everyone might participate in it, with or without knowing. This despiteful act is not acceptable by any means, so you better stay out of it.

It can be seen most in the field of content writing. As a site owner, you must know how important it is to keep the site plagiarized-free. So, to prevent this from happening, LittleSEOTools is presenting this 100% free plagiarism checker tool to relieve your worries


What is plagiarism checker software?


As you are looking for a plagiarism checker tool, must know what it actually is. For convenience, plagiarism checker software is a tool to detect identical content to be more precise, if the context of your article matches with others. It will look for the exact word or phrases in a sentence.

This free plagiarism checker tool provided by LittleSEOTools will help you to detect any duplicate content through crawling hundreds of thousands of web pages. To solve this problem you can use a free article rewriter to spin your content easily.


How does a plagiarism checker tool work?


It is really easy to use LittleSEOTools' plagiarism checker software. Just copy the text you want to check and past on the provided space. After waiting for few seconds you can enjoy your result with leisure.

It's so simple for sure. Isn't it??

Once you enter the 'check for plagiarism' button, those contents will run against millions of web pages for the most probable accuracy of your uniqueness.

Plagiarized sentences, if any, the string will be highlighted as 'Already Exist' at the right side of the table. But remember every plagiarism checker has a certain word limit for checking plagiarism, so is our plagiarism checker software. This software has a limit of up to 1000 words.


Purpose of using plagiarism checker tool


Plagiarized free content: the first reason for using the free plagiarism checker tool is undoubted to keep the content free of plagiarism. It helps you to remove any duplicate sentences from your content.

Uniqueness: apart from indicating the plagiarized sentences, also allow you to know the uniqueness of your content in percentage. It makes it even easier to understand

Create Original: you will be able to create your own unique content by altering certain words or by changing the structure of the plagiarized sentence if any.


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