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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap Generator


Is your site big and organized enough? Having few external links? Are you facing an Indexing problem?...... For all the problems here comes another question... Do you have a sitemap for your site?

If your answer is no, then you must think of creating one. Here LittleSEOTools presenting XML sitemap generator is a 100% free sitemap generator. This software will generate a sitemap for you within the shortest period of time automatically for you.


What is an XML sitemap?


Precisely sitemap is like a road map for your site presenting to search engines. It is basically, a file that contains all the necessary information of your site about the total amount of pages; about images like the captions, the geographic location of the image, title and license of the image; and videos as well.

It's a way to organize the URL of your site in an orderly manner. It helps Google or other search engines to crawl all the essential pages and other media files. It directs the crawler to all the indexed pages, even if the internal linking is poor or broken.

You can place the XML sitemap to the robots.txt file or directly to the Google console. XML sitemap doesn't help your page to index rather it gives hint to Google that the page is worth indexing.


How does the XML sitemap generator work?


Rather than creating an XML sitemap manually for your website which is really hard to do, you can use our 100% Free Sitemap Generator to do the rest. All you need to do is just put your URL in the XML sitemap generator and sit back in front of your PC for a couple of moments. Let the XML Sitemap Generator crawl through your pages and generate an XML sitemap for free.

You can generate a sitemap by adjusting the number of pages you need to crawl starting from 50 up to 5000. Not only that you can create according to the priority from 0.0 to 1.0 but also can change the frequency of crawling your pages.

It's super easy, place the URL set everything according to your needs, and then wait for the outcome.


Why do you need to have a Free Sitemap Generator?


Provides information: XML sitemap provides all the necessary information to search engines about pages like when it was last updated, the existence of alternative language versions, about images, videos, and other media files.

Improves crawling: The sitemap that is provided by XML Sitemap Generator which is totally free can help to boost the crawling of a complex site.

Easy navigation: it helps search engines like Google to crawl easily and faster in an orderly manner. It helps the crawler to navigate your page easily.

Few external links: A new site contains very few external links or may not any. Whereas web crawlers crawl through links from page to page. With the lack of a sitemap, Google or other search engines may find it hard to find your relatively new page.

Broken internal links: if your pages are not properly linked with each other properly, here sitemap can help you. It prevents web crawlers from putting a blind eye to your page if enlisted.


Purpose of using the XML sitemap generator


Save money: LittleSEOTools is providing this 100% free sitemap generator for enhancing your SEO. Without wasting any money you can use this XML sitemap generator for absolutely free.

Saves time: it will save your valuable time as well. Instead of creating manually, with just a click of yours can create a sitemap for your site.

Improve SEO: It may improve your SEO in a tremendous way. If you are facing an external or internal linking issue, it will help you all along to add value to web crawlers.

Reliable: it is extremely easy to use and reliable as well.

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